Accommodations and homestay in Brighton and Hove

Find accommodation in Brighton and Hove

Find the lowest prices for student accommodation in Brighton and Hove!

Find the lowest prices for student accommodation in Brighton and Hove!

Are you looking for budget student accommodation in Brighton and Hove or a friendly host family in Brighton and Hove? How about a student residence in single room in Brighton and Hove or a charming bed and breakfast in Brighton and Hove? Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, Gomfy will help you find it - and at the lowest possible price!

View our range of cheap accommodation in Brighton and Hove. Read customer reviews of Brighton and Hove homestay or view youth hostels on map of Brighton and Hove. Browse across Brighton and Hove until you find the stay that is right for you. We aim to make it easy to find discount rates at the most popular places and near the language school you want to study at. We provide detailed information of the accommodation including photos, videos and student reviews for a great variety of student accommodation abroad. Choose Gomfy for all your student accommodation reservations,and discover why more and more students are choosing us to travel and study abroad!

Booking your trip with Gomfy is quick and easy - simply type in your destination, select your dates and choose from one of over thousans attractive student apartments worldwide. Gomfy also offers ideal rentals for professionals, with plenty of fantastic multi-room apartments available worldwide.

Booking your Accommodation directly with the Host in Brighton and Hove

You have the choice of accommodation in Brighton and Hove as we understand how important is for you to feel comfortable. You have the freedom to choose your accommodation in Brighton and Hove and know exactly how the accommodation will look like, the characteristics of your room, where it is located on a map, how far it is from the school, and you can even contact the host through our messaging system! These accommodations in Brighton and Hove can be booked independently whether you are attending a language course or not. These accommodation options are a great alternative if you are travelling alone or with your family, partner or friends and stay in Brighton and Hove as long as you wish. Pleasure trips and sightseeing double the benefits of the learning experience when taken in during a language trip abroad.


Different types of accommodation

There are many different types of accommodation in Brighton and Hove available to international travellers who are studying abroad or not that vary from one accommodation to another. At Gomfy we know that the accommodation is an essential component of an enjoyable trip abroad.


Apartments in Brighton and Hove

This is a good option for travellers and students who want freedom and independence. The apartments in Brighton and Hove - with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms - are typically furnished according to the Brighton and Hove characteristics. You have more independence and the opportunity to cook your own meals. Single or double rooms are usually available in same apartments. Cooking and cleaning is done by the students themselves. The apartments are generally without supervision and are self-catering, but they are close to local amenities like cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and bus stops.


Student Residences in Brighton and Hove

If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle during your stay and meet and interact with other foreign students, student residences / houses options are ideal. A student residence can vary in size depending on location and availability. These residences usually accommodate students of all ages and nationalities in a house-type environment. Usually Students' Residential accommodation is the most economic form of private student accommodation. The student residences in Brighton and Hove usually offer shared kitchen facilities or cafeterias and give you the opportunity to practice your new language with fellow students even away from your classes. Normally there is a reception you can contact if you have any problem or questions.


Guesthouses / Hotels in Brighton and Hove

If you would like to have a little more personal space where to stay, accommodation in a hotel could be the right choice for you. But this option is only suitable for short-time stays between one and four weeks. You could choose from various options, however all rooms have their own bathroom. For hotel bookings, please note that double rooms may only be booked by two students travelling together.


Homestays in Brighton and Hove

Daily contact with the local people, learning about eating and living habits and using your language skills right away, are some of the essential benefits of choosing a homestay in Brighton and Hove. If you are interested in both the language itself and also learning about the lifestyle, habits and customs of the host in Brighton and Hove during your stay, then you will find that living with a host family is the perfect choice. You’ll enrich your understanding of the local culture and customs, pick up expressions and slang with greater ease, and your accent will sound more authentic.
A variety of "homestays in Brighton and Hove" are available, including families with or without children as well as single households. The provision of meals varies depending on the location. A lot of host families are not living in the city centre. This means that you will have to walk a bit and/or go by public transportation to the school. It is very important to let us know if you suffer from any allergies or medical conditions so that we can inform the host family. Students who live in a host family can improve their language skills dramatically through daily conversations with the family members. We also suggest that you take some pictures of your family, friends and home as these can act as useful props for discussion. The greatest reward for the students and families is the deep, lasting friendship between them.


Teacher Home in Brighton and Hove

With this accommodation option, you can live and study in the home of a language teacher in Brighton and Hove, who will embrace you into his or her family and make you feel at home. Learning a language in the home of your teacher is one of the most effective ways to learn a language quickly. This alternative is similar to homestays accommodation but it will allow you to totally immerse yourself in the language and culture and achieve great results.


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Double room for 1 with private fridge/tv(Room 1)
Host Family in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
We live in Brighton which is located on the south east coast of Englan... Learn more »
29 €
per night
Quiet single room with private fridge-freezer and TV(Room 3)
Host Family in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
We live in Brighton which is located on the south east coast of Englan... Learn more »
24 €
per night
en suite double room (for girls)
Host Family in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
en suite double room ,fridge, kettle ,microwave and hairdryer availabl... Learn more »
26 €
per night