Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse

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  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
  • Macheree Homestay, Annah Rais Longhouse
A well-preserved traditional bamboo longhouse. Visitors are given the opportunity to study the unique architectural and cultural fracture of the longhouse as well as the traditional farming lifestyle.

Our guestroom is basic, just exactly like our own bedroom, if not better. We make every effort to make sure that they are always clean & comfortable place for you to overnight during your stay. We also ensure that everything are prepared & put in place before you come in for a rest or sleep. Our guestrooms come with mosquito netting, cooling fan(s), comfortable mattress, blanket, pillow, wardrobe & etc.

Double Room with shared bathroom

Included in the room price: breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry service
Room type: Double Room
Bathroom type: Shared bathroom
Minimum number of nights: 1 nights
Maximum number of nights: unlimited nights
Guest per room: 3
Conditions: Can be booked on individual bases
Room size: 144 sqm


Unavailable date
Available date



Bed linen
Keys given on arrival

House details and policies

Minimum age of the guest the accommodation accepts: 15
People living in household: 2persons 19-34 years old1persons 35-50 years old1persons 51+ years old
Languages: English
Smoking policy: Smoking is allowed only outside
Pets on the premises of the property: Yes
Distance from city center: 60 Km
Distance from nearest public transport: 1 Km
Check in after time & day: Flexible Any day
Check out before time & day: Flexible Any day

House Rules

Briefing will be done upon arrival.

Booking Summary

From €19.18
Sold out - Unavailable


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